Important legal information

Smartmove.brussels is published under the responsibility of the Brussels Regional Public Service Taxation. Using smartmove.brussels, the tax authorities make a body of information available to the general public.

The data incorporated on smartmove.brussels is the result of considerable work in terms of processing, the verification of accuracy and the design of the content.

An effort is made to keep all the information up to date. Despite this, should any error remain, they will be rectified after having been reported.

Compulsory legal notice

  • Identification of the responsible publisher:

Dirk De Smedt
Kruidtuinlaan 20
1035 Brussels

  • Identification of the technical Direction:

Brussel Fiscaliteit
Kruidtuinlaan 20
1035 Brussels

Rejection of liability (disclaimer)

The user of the information on these pages waives any complaint, of whatever nature, regarding the use of the information made available through the system, whether such complaints are against the Belgian State or any other body that has provided the published data.

The user also undertakes to assume all the risks inherent in the use of the system. This includes the risk that computers, software or data may be damaged by some virus that could be transmitted or activated through the system or due to the user accessing the system.

Settlement of disputes 
Any dispute relating to smartmove.brussels and/or its content is subject to Belgian law and falls within the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Brussels.


It is possible, without prior authorisation, to create a direct link referring to smartmove.brussels' webpage. 

It is forbidden to embed smartmove.brussels in its entirety or part of it within a frame (e.g. the so-called encapsulation technique) or to use any other method with the intent to hide the source address and the legal notices.

Obligatory information concerning the data source

The ordinance of 27 October 2016 deals with the re-use of public sector information and data for commercial and non-commercial purposes. The rules that follow must be applied within the context of the re-use of data.

  • For non-commercial purposes:

The user must indicate : © GOB BRUSSELS TAXATION + (the short or long URL of the internet page SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS) + (the date the data was updated).
The link SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS must be connected to the URL https://www.SMARTMOVE.brussels and it must be clickable.
For example : © SPRB BRUXELLES TAXATION, WWW.SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS, 2020 (e.g. with a long URL).

  • For commercial purposes:

The user must indicate : © GOB BRUSSELS TAXATION + (the date the data was updated) + (the short or long URL of the internet page SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS).
The link SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS must be connected to the URL https://www.SMARTMOVE.brussels and it must be clickable.
For example : © GOB BRUSSEL FISCALITEIT, 2020, SMARTMOVE.BRUSSELS (e.g. with a short URL).

Data duplication and re-use

Data may be re-used free of charge. Although it is free of charge, there are restrictions on the retrieval and re-use of data originating from smartmove.brussels.

Copyright and database protection

The legislation regarding copyright (Belgian Code of Economic Law, Articles XI.164-171) and the legal protection of databases (Belgian Code of Economic Law, Articles XI.186-188), among others, applies to the entire database of smartmove.brussels and its contents.

In the case of use for commercial purposes, the re-use, retrieval, copying or reproduction of data and the source code shall be subject to prior request.

The person or organisation that re-uses data originating from smartmove.brussels  may not modify it. He or she will also ensure that the integrity and nature of the administrative document or its HTML or XML code are respected. The modification of the HTML code is subject to a prior written request.


Any questions should be sent by e-mail to info.fiscaliteit@fisc.brussels or by correspondence to:

Directorate of Legal Affairs 
Kruidtuinlaan 20, 
1035 Brussels.