SmartMove sets Brussels on the right track!


SmartMove is a fiscal project that aims to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, support the local economy and make our capital more pleasant for everyone.

As part of this project, we are using innovative tools such as the SmartMove application, which you can test (more info on the application). Find out what we expect from you as a tester.

How can we make Brussels more enjoyable, healthy and attractive?

SmartMove is a project that rests on three pillars: a smart automobile tax system, a growing network of mobility alternatives, and an app that helps you every step of the way to your destination.

The three actionpoints of SmartMove are:

number 1

Reform of traffic taxes: from possession-based to use-based taxation

How can this be achieved? By introducing an intelligent kilometre tax that will partly replace traffic taxes. The tax is based on the distance travelled but also on the time of day (off-peak/peak hours) and the power of your vehicle.

number 2

Investments in multimodality

Offer a wide range of quality transport alternatives and good connections between them.  To achieve this, investments are made in infrastructure, public transport, etc.

number 3

Raising awareness of the impact of mobility choices

Find out the impact of your mobility choices on the environment, health, economy and your trip durations.