Mobiliteit in Brussel

SmartMove, Brussels mobility from a new perspective

  • Intelligent kilometre charge
  • Mobility alternatives
  • Mobility app

Intelligent kilometre charge

Our means of travel has a social cost. SmartMove is an intelligent kilometre charge for all passenger and delivery vehicles in the Brussels-Capital Region. The app will give Brussels residents and commuters insight into the costs and benefits of their transport choice.

This intelligent kilometre contribution will be calculated on the basis of three parameters:

  • When you travel

    The morning rush hour or a quiet afternoon: the social cost of public transport depends on when you travel. Therefore, it will be cheaper to travel outside of rush hour.

  • How far you travel

    SmartMove accurately adjusts the charge to the distance of your route. Smart from start to stop because the fewer kilometres you travel, the less you pay.

  • Engine size of you vehicle

    The contribution varies according to the effective engine size or cylinder capacity. You can find this value, expressed in cubic centimetres, in the P1 index of your vehicle’s registration certificate ('grey card'). Lighter cars with a smaller engine pay less than heavier cars.

Trucks remain subject to Viapass and are not within the scope of SmartMove.

Correct calculation and payment of the charge?

With SmartMove, you can be sure of the smartest mobility choice, from driving and walking to cycling to work. The digital app displays a wide variety of actual, combinable transport alternatives. Both in space and in time. The smartest route, always in reach!

Mobility app

A new and smart way to get around the city: SmartMove gets you going with a user-friendly digital app. The intuitive platform guides Brussels residents and commuters quickly and efficiently through the various mobility options and calculates the total kilometre charge in an instant.

  • Combine several transport modes and create your personal route.

  • Compare all the options and make the best mobility choice, from the car to the metro.

  • Pay effortlessly for your tickets, day passes and kilometre charge.

  • Move with ease from your start point to your end destination.

Do you want to be part of this new initiative?

Your opinion matters! To improve the performance and user experience of SmartMove, we will compile a test panel that will be the first to install and use the app.