The mobility of tomorrow starts today

Starting now

Time for action! With SmartMove, the Brussels government is pushing for fair, smart measures to make alternative mobility choices more attractive.

A revolution in sustainable mobility, where different forms of transport complement and reinforce one another.

Beginning in 2022

The intelligent kilometre charge takes effect in the Brussels-Capital Region, beginning in 2022.

Mobility 24/7 within easy reach? The SmartMove app shows you how you can navigate the city.

The step-by-step plan to 2022.

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Starting point
Impact study
2020 - 2021
Test phase

In its governmental decision of 16 July 2020, the government of the Brussels-Capital Region gives concrete form to its ambition to introduce a smart kilometre charge. This charge will help realise the different objectives stated in the coalition agreement.

Impact studies are carried out on mobility, the environment and socio-economical aspects. Collaboration between various research departments and the regional institutions is central to this.

During the project phase, everything is set in motion for the successful realisation of SmartMove. The concrete implementation proceeds according to the scheduled planning, approach and legislative framework.

After a thorough impact study and project phase, SmartMove is launched on the operational platforms. A test panel installs and tests the mobility app first, to verify if the tool meets the needs and expectations of the user.

SmartMove makes its official debut with an intelligent kilometre charge and an intuitive mobility app. Even after the launch, we continue to evaluate, fine-tune and optimise the app’s user-friendliness.