SmartMove, for a dynamic city with a better quality of life

Living, working, moving and experiencing: a better Brussels starts with a strong and collective action plan. SmartMove will create space and have an impact on various levels. From attractive workspaces to lively city centres with free-flowing traffic.

The rampant traffic in Brussels is detrimental to the enjoyment of the city, the environment, the local economy and the work-life balance. If we want to give Brussels more room to breathe, we have to change course now! We have to set things in motion; to become a region where visitors stroll and merchants flourish, where Brussels residents and commuters can breathe again, both en route and at their destination. Time for an urgent sustainable change!

The shift to better working and living in Brussels

By making responsible mobility choices together, we can create social change that benefits us all.

  • More time for each other, less time lost in traffic congestion

  • A positive impact on the climate, fewer CO2 emissions

  • A boost for the local economy

  • Seamless, pleasant travel throughout the region

Minimal effort for a maximum effect

Doing nothing is simply no longer an option: we must move forward. Let’s untangle the traffic congestion together, so we have more time for what really matters. If we all change our habits a bit, we’ll have a healthy, attractive city, where the quality of life is our top priority.