Fighting traffic jams and air pollution can also be done by switching to alternative transport. By bus, tram, metro or train you can get a long way in Brussels. Especially in combination with walking or cycling. The SmartMove app helps you do this.


Brussels puts multimodal transport on the map

Want to know if there is a bus or tram stop nearby? Or which safe cycling route to take? Looking for a charging station for your electric car? A park and ride facility? With the SmartMove app, you'll find it in no time. Here is a preview.

Good to know about public transport

If there is one city in this country that can be proud of its public transport, it is Brussels. Let's get some facts straight.

  • Our capital is served by four transport companies:
    • STIB (Brussels Intercommunal Transport Company)
    • De Lijn (Flemish government transport company)
    • TEC (Walloon regional bus company)
    • SNCB (Belgian Railways)
  • With 2,200 bus and tram stops, 69 metro stations and 32 train stations, there is always a stop within walking distance in the Brussels region.
  • The Brupass XL zone: You can travel via the four transport companies throughout the Brussels region and the surrounding communes at a single fare.

But there is always room for improvement. That is why the Brussels region invested almost €1 billion in the further development of public transport in 2021. That goes to:

  • 151 new hybrid buses
  • 10 new metro trains and increased frequency of metro trains on lines 2 and 6
  • Two new bus routes (routes 74 and 52)

SmartMove also ensures a smoother passage for buses and trams. This benefits both car and public transport users.

More about better mobility

More bicycle-friendly by the day

Brussels has become increasingly bicycle-friendly in recent years. And that has had its effect.

  • By 2020, the number of cyclists in Brussels had increased by no less than 64 percent.
  • Half of all bicycles sold in 2019 were electric. The breakthrough of the e-bike makes Brussels, with its many hills, even more accessible for everyone.
  • Since 2019, 40 km of additional cycle paths have been built in the region.
  • The entire Brussels inner ring road is being lined with separate cycle paths. Some of it is already finished.
  • The newly introduced 30 kph zone in the entire city centre also makes it safer for cyclists.

With the map below, getting around Brussels is as easy as riding a bike!

Mobility à la carte

What if you could choose from a whole range of means of transport without having to own one? This is already perfectly possible in Brussels. In addition to public transport, there is a wide range of shared cars, scooters, bicycles and electric scooters. Via the SmartMove app, you can click through to most of the shared services.

Discover all the shared mobility solutions in the Brussels-Capital Region on the Brussels Mobility website :