Discover your role as a tester


Your role is important in making the SmartMove app as user-friendly, reliable and accessible as possible.

Screenshot of the SmartMove app

The SmartMove app

The SmartMove application is an innovative tool that allows you to calculate the kilometre tax (simulation) and offers alternative or complementary mobility services to the car. And it allows you to:

number 1

Plan your route:

Display different mobility options (combination of several services).

number 2

Measure the impact of your trips:

Discover their impact in terms of time, carbon footprint, cost, while simulating the cost of the kilometre tax.

number 3

Buy tickets easily via the application:

Buy public transport tickets, access bike, car, scooter and scooter sharing networks.

Here is an overview of the features you can test in the application

time schedule of the working of the smartmove application